Michael Tran


My name is Michael Tran, my passion and drive for a career in musculoskeletal conditions stems from my natural desire to be a solution orientated individual that supports and uplifts others.

Having experienced a dislocated right shoulder, lumbar disc herniation, an ACL injury and chronic ankle sprains I understand the burden and effects of pain and what it can do to a person. This individualised pain journey of mine has driven me to help others experiencing pain.

My approach to treatment involves being specific in diagnosing your problem, individualised and wholistic in your therapy, supportive of your goals and adaptive and flexible when things do not go your way. I aim to enhance your life and be a positive part of your health journey, whether that be maximising sports performance or ambitions, learning more about your body and its amazing potential or just getting back to doing the things you love without the burden and effects of pain.

My main modalities of therapy for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions revolves around the use of manual therapy, individualised and tailored exercise therapy, education on conditions, promoting healthy habits, self-pacing and self-management strategies and being an empathetic and proactive figure in your journey of health.

I believe in the power of these forms of therapy for musculoskeletal conditions as they have been shown to be helpful non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, safe and conservative forms of treatment.

The qualities I pride myself in as a Physiotherapist involves being a practitioner of clinical competence, always upholding the highest standards of evidence-based practice, being empathetic and compassionate, delivering patient centred care and always aiming to be supportive and uplifting.

To ensure I maintain these qualities I have committed myself to continuously learning and improving every day, whether it be from the latest research articles, seminars or even my own patients.

Every day I wake up I am grateful to have a career that I am passionate about and thus will always give it my all! Looking forward to meeting you.

My Qualifications and Certifications Include:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science Physiotherapy (University of Sydney)
  • GEMt Dry Needling Level 1, 2, 3
  • APAM – Australian Physiotherapy Association Member (Part of the Musculoskeletal, Sports and Exercise, Pain, Acupuncture and Dry Needling Group)
  • SIRA Approved Practitioner
  • Provide First Aid Certification

I am fluent in English and Vietnamese.

You can find me outside of work enjoying time with my corgi Chibi, training to attain a respectable powerlifting total, supporting my closest friends at powerlifting and bodybuilding events and dropping deep threes in my basketball games.

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